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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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we're badgering, but we have this diatribe that goes nowhere. we bring guests okay, visitors come and there's grid lock. complete with pictures. and here we have four agencies, one of the many people involved is the board of supervisors. you all should have a focus group. you should demand from the agencies some short term and long-term goals. don't say, we have a project manager here. she's really nice and whatever. but if you cannot deliver, then you have on get out of the way. or maybe the head of department has to get out of the way or maybe a memo has to be sent to him. market street is a mess. we have construction, we have people that want bicycles to any
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to market street. we have all these tourist buses. hop on and hop off. y'all don't even care. just look at the intersection of third street and market. van ness and market. 5th and market. grid lock. i have pictures pedestrians just go any which way because they have to go somewhere. over car, in between buses. i know you have seen it with your eyes. you don't want to speak to reality. if you want to represent, good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. if you want to represent, do the right thing. hold people accountable. hold the mayor accountable. hold twitter accountable. hold the supervisors giving them breaks accountable.
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hold somebody accountable for many pedestrians that have died. hold them accountable. get the police chief here. the head of departments here and hold them thank you very much. >> thank you. sir. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon >> supervisors, garbage transportation authority. yes. i always notice one supervisor gets and walks out and the other is eating lunch. shows the caliber of people here. absolute garbage. that's the root of the problem. president of the board of supervisors says, 10 years, nothing seems to happen. it's called progressive politics. nothing happens because you're
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trying to ram things down people's throats they don't want how do we move forward in this city, the city of san francisco that does not work. that's really when the board of supervisors and city is invested in. making the city not work because it's only agenda is diversity. we want it to be more diverse. the problem with that is, the worse city. why don't you want people in these jobs that know what they're doing, instead of women and minorities. people that don't know what they're doing because just of your politics. yes, can you see that? everywhere i look, there's an idiot in the office.
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in the president to the board of supervisors. pelosi, what are grandmas doing running this state? >> i would ask the speaker to focus on the subject matter >> everywhere you look, there's an incompetent idiot in the office. thank you. i city that doesn't work. why? becau because -- you can get a bathroom built in the park. yes, you're absolutely you know what. thank you. next speaker, the beauty of free speech, people can say the most hateful things but still say them. >> i thought you went through red tape through castro to get
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hiv testing and there's a lot of red tape here. anyway, i just wanted to speak on sixth street because i live in the tenderloin. i have lived here 15, 16 years. most of time i have been living here. i have been here 23 years. the thing is and i bring it up at the community meetings. we need bicycle signs. i am beginning to hate them. they need, they need to hurry up and put something down at sixth and market. i'm not worrying about the cars and buses. but what's going on, the buses can get to one side or the other. that prevents the bicyclists from seeing if somebody is crossing the street when i have the right-of-way because i learned not to jay walk because of bicyclists.
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they don't have a sign saying stop here on red. they just keep on going even though the stop sign is up. i have been saying this over and over again. and i'm getting to point where i'm going to start kicking them. kicking the bicyclists because i can't get a license plate and report it down there or something like that. it's getting ridiculous. i know y'all are all for bicycle and lanes and spending all this money on that stuff. i don't care what you spend the money on. just put some signs up because it's getting ridiculous. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. >> the san francisco bicycle coalition. i wanted to come up here and talk about one of the many projects that wasn't talked about today. including second street and want
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to echo concerns about the project being delayed yet again. this is a situation where we have a study within a study, which is usually not a great situation to be in. we support the work that this body is doing to try to move that project forward and thank you for your concern there. i also want to point out that the maintenance continues to be an issue for bicycle facilities. there needs to be better signage and marking many places. that's a need for better maintenance across the board. the category in the packet you saw continues to be delayed and reduced. so we ask you to pay more attention to helping the city increase it's maintenance, budgeting and work. thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak, please come forward. >> hi, good afternoon. supervisors, i just wanted to point out one thing because this is a public forum, the better
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market street project is holding pop ups up and down market street every friday this month. basically we have retaken over the kiosks and have public information out there on friday between 12 and 2:00 p.m. this coming friday is at market and powell. near the cable car turn around. it's been an incredibly interesting experience because we reach people that don't normally come to city with public forums. you get the folks that live around there, work around there, tourists and really reaching different people in different sections and getting a much better understanding of how market street simple i want to point out that department of public works just repaved the bike lanes. we are doing short term improvements.
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lastly, i want to make sure everybody is aware of how important market street really is. next week, we need market street as the giants go up and down on the parade there. we will be able to be known nationally about market street and their celebration parade. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. is there any other member of the public that would like to speak that has not spoken? seeing none? public comment is closed. let me say that we ask members of the public to be respectful. we believe in free speech. there's a way to meaningful comments without saying things about women and people of color. if you can please call the income item. >> item eight. introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any new items for future discussion? >> why don't we open up to public comment on any new items.
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seeing none, public comment is closed. item nine. public comment. now is an opportunity for members of public to speak on anything not on the agenda but within the jurisdiction of the authority. >> good afternoons, supervisors. members of the public. you know there's an old addage and it goes like this. light threatens darkness. do you understand that concept? it's going to come and haunt you day after day if you keep playing the race card in this city. thank you very much. if anything needs to happen in this city, stop playing the race card. if you want to progress in market street, stop playing the race card. if you want traffic calming on
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market street, stop playing the race card. it's so old. nobody is hear even listening to you guys and giving public comment. normally, this chamber would be full. before you came into the city, we had good government and projects that went forward on time every time. a city that came together and if you can't see that because you're so identified with diversity, then you need to go get your eyes checked. we're so tired of it in this city. i would get away with anything with your attitude. it's not diverse enough. you could take over any country with these type of politics because it's about victimizing its very own citizens. biting the hand that feeds you. if you think that that has any sustainability in this city or
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any city in the world, you're absolutely deluded. thank you very much. i grew up with a father from the middle east and brothers that were diverse as any family on earth. but i tell you what, the politics in this city is so bad, that it has to change. thank you. >> seeing no other speaker, public comment is closed. if you can call the next item. >> 10 adjournment. >> two words, go giants. meeting adjourned.
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